Welcome to my site.

I maintain this site as a repository for my Game mods and Paper Model templates. All of which are downloadable either directly or trough the Nexus Mods.

Game Mods

So far I've made only Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas mods, and although I'm currently not working on any game mods, feel free to try them out. I am rather proud of them.


My current hobby, and time sink is Papercraft, that is turning complicated 3D computer models to actual ones made out of paper. It's a great hobby, but takes up a lot of time, so is my other hobby listening to audiobooks, so doing the two in paralell is great, and makes papercrafting much less boring.


The Gallery is currently dedicated to Papercraft. If you have built one of my templates, I'd love to add a picture of it to the Gallery. You can contact me on DeviantArt, Zealot Hobby Forums or trought the Guestbook.

If you like my work feel free to donate. (You can donate even if you dont like my work :P )